Cash discount programs offer discounts on all purchases that are made using cash. It can set a small transaction fee on all credit card purchases and offer discounts when customers pay with cash. Cash discounts allow businesses in Novi, MI, to process unlimited transactions with one low monthly fee.

Can a Cash Discount Improve Customer Loyalty?

Cash discount programs can boost repeat customers and increase customer loyalty by providing them with a way to reduce payment processing expenses. Loyal customers appreciate incentives that can save money, especially with large purchases. Cash discount programs can also help businesses drive sales and improve their bottom lines.

How To Implement a Cash Discount Program Effectively

Cash discounts help businesses cover the cost of credit card processing and reward customers who use cash. To implement a cash discount program, the vendor must determine the amount they pay in service fees and add the percentage to their posted prices. Those paying in cash will have the extra percentage deducted from their total costs.

Cash Discount at Midwest Merchant Services

If you are interested in a cash discount for your business in Novi, MI, Midwest Merchant Services can help you. We are known for utilizing membership pricing to save merchants money on overall processing costs and reduce the fees they have to pay for payment processing. We offer honest and transparent pricing that allows businesses to save tremendously. Call us at (833) 995-3400 or contact us online to learn more about us and how we can help. 

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