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Midwest Merchant Services is best known for utilizing membership pricing (also called subscription pricing) to save merchants money on overall processing costs and reduce the number of fees they have to pay for payment processing. Our business model and pricing structures are very similar to Costco, only for merchant accounts rather than general retail sales.

Unlike most payment processors that charge you highly marked-up percentages on your sales, our memberships have no percentage-based markups whatsoever. Aside from the wholesale costs that go to the credit card networks and banks (not to us), you just pay a fixed, predictable monthly fee for access to the credit card processing networks alongside a small $0.05-$0.15 fee on each transaction. You won’t have to haggle with salespeople about processing rates or worry that you’re paying too much. Your membership fee covers it.

Aside from the value provided, Midwest Merchant Service’s reputation for open, honest sales practices and excellent customer support put us ahead of many of our competitors using this relatively pricing model. We are proud to be an industry pioneer.

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How does Midwest Merchant Services compare to other providers?

Most providers offering interchange-plus pricing will charge “interchange + markup” rates, with the markup including both a small percentage of the sale and a per-transaction fee. You’ll also incur several monthly and annual fees for individual services, such as PCI compliance and account statements.

In contrast, our model combines all your monthly fees into a single monthly membership ranging from $79 to $199 per month, depending on which plan you choose. You’ll also pay lower processing rates with the elimination of the percentage markup. Your rates will be the interchange rate, plus a per-transaction fee that varies between $0.15 and $0.05 per transaction, depending on your pricing plan. Since we don’t take a percentage off of your transactions, you get to keep more of your revenues — while paying lower credit card fees overall.

Midwest Merchant Services does not profit from rates!

Midwest Merchant Services saves you money by giving you access to wholesale rates. Unlike traditional payment processors, we don’t profit by marking up interchange rates and we don’t take a cut of your sales.  You get direct access to interchange rates with no added percentage markup, which leads to lower overall costs. We work using a monthly membership model, so you only pay a small, predictable fee for payment processing.

Midwest Merchant Service’s members save an average of $450 a month in payment processing fees and are far more profitable. Just choose a membership plan that’s right for you, and we will take care of the rest!

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Full Pricing Transparency

Our transparent pricing and account support team, allows you to always know what you are paying and why. You will no longer have to worry about hidden fees or markups that were randomly added to your statement. Our pricing model is transparent and straightforward, allowing the business owner to trust and love Midwest Merchant Services.

Elite Customer Support

Our award-winning support team is always here to help and support your business at all times. We take pride in our ability to troubleshoot technological errors should they arise. We will always be accessible to our members for any and all questions or concerns. The Midwest Merchant Services team is always there for our members.

Cutting Edge Technology

Your business can utilize our business insights and integrations. By optimizing your merchant services set up, we will be sure that your business is offering premier customer experiences. Our technology will help your business identify sales analytics, track your inventory, and more. Technology is our best friend at Midwest Merchant Services.


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