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Transparent Pricing

You can say goodbye to hidden fees and confusing pricing structures. With our simplified membership pricing, you will always know exactly what you’re paying and why.

Innovative Technology

Elevate your business immediately. You will now have the ability to access advanced analytics and insights with our industry-leading payment processing technology.

Seamless Service

Enjoy elite customer service from the Midwest Merchant Services team. Our in-house support staff is always ready to assist with any issues, so that you can focus on your business.

See How Your Company Would Benefit

Our membership style pricing allows businesses in any industry to save!

Innovative Credit Card Processing for Retail Stores

If you are a retailer, you already know that accepting credit cards is part of your business. The majority of consumers in todays retail world prefer to use credit and debit cards over alternative payment methods. At Midwest Merchant Services we offer wholesale credit card processing without an added markup on every swipe. Here are a few questions for every retail store to consider:

  • Are you currently paying too much in credit card processing fees?
  • Is your terminal or processing system the best technology available?
  • Could your store benefit from features such as invoicing or inventory tracking?

Cost Efficient B2B Credit Card Processing

At Midwest Merchant Services we assist business-to-business companies save even more money in credit card processing fees. Credit card usage within the B2B sector has continuously been on the rise over the last decade. Increasing the acceptance of credit card payments for all transactions allows B2B companies to:

  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Skip long invoicing procedures
  • Receive payment instantly
  • Avoid the high cost of manually processing checks

Cost Effective Credit Card Processing for Service Providers

All types of service providers  — from electricians and contractors to mechanics and barbers — trust Midwest Merchant Services because we help you save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per month. Rather than taking a percentage off your sales every time you process a credit card, we only charge a flat membership fee. This means that you pay a lower, more predictable amount in payment processing and you can keep more of your profits. Whether you need a mobile processing system or you accept online payments, we will build you a personalized system.

Smarter Payment Processing for Healthcare Businesses

The average overhead for a medical practice is between 60-70%. This is why doctors and medical professionals across the country trust Midwest Merchant Services to reduce their overhead by handling their healthcare credit card processing needs. You keep more of your revenues, so you can invest more in providing quality care to your patients. There’s no reason for medical and dental practices to pay more than necessary for credit card processing. We won’t lock you into a contract and we never charge unnecessary fees.

Credit Card Processing Solutions for Restaurants & Bars

Accept the payments your guests want to give with Midwest Merchant Services. We integrate with 99% of POS systems on the market, so keep the hardware you love and gain access to our powerful credit card processing.We’ll lower your processing fees so you can invest more in serving great food and delighting your customers. At Midwest Merchant Services, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary fees. Instead of taking a cut out of your restaurant’s sales, we simply charge a monthly membership fee so can get access to the direct wholesale rates of credit card networks.

Our Solutions & Equipment

We provide merchant services for all business types and sizes.

  • Ecommerce

  • Virtual Terminal

  • Point of Sale

  • Standard Terminals

  • POS Systems

  • Mobile Portals

  • Smart Terminals

  • Inventory Integrations

  • Keyed Payments

  • Swiped Payments

  • Text2Pay

  • Recurring Payments

Safely accept all major credit cards

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